1. just realized i never posted my new demo reel here, so well…here you go!

  2. Practicing some hands and feet because i feel like i need to relearn things…

  3. Some sketchy fanart to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the mother series (though im a bit late). I promise to clean and color these tomorrow when im not as sleepy

  4. A Mako from kill la kill drawn as i wait at the airport. My parting post before i leave for a few weeks

  5. Short hair Satsuki cause she’s cute

  6. urg, i need to get back in the groove. send me things and i’ll do it tonight

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  7. canidothis:

    Because i just…really liked how this came out. They are siblings Faye and Zac. I might change the design in the future…


    note to self: always check the blog you’re posting to when posting from mobile


  8. News of the Dusty Festival Awards that went on last night…

    My film Just Shy of Reality was nominated for Outstanding Animated Film (there was lots of internal screaming and crying on my part, I hadn’t expected to be nominated for anything mind you), but sadly I did not win.  That honor went to Luz (johnnyoctopus) and Sarah (sarsler) for their fantastic film, Moonstruck (which everyone should be on the lookout for).

    Honestly it was an honor to even be nominated, and I’m so glad to have had my film shown alongside all the talented animators SVA has created at the Dusty Festival.  I’m hoping to enter my film into any other film festivals that I can, and I hope you all continue to support me in my journey now that I’m graduating!  Thank you everyone!


  9. My thesis film Just Shy of Reality is gonna be screening at my school’s film festival, the Dustys, tonight!  If you happen to be in the NYC area and wanna come see some amazing animation by the students of SVA, just go to the SVA Theater.  It starts at 7PM and it’s free and open to the public!

    Come on down and have a good time!

  10. canidothis:

    I have business cards now!

    i’m so happy people like these :)

  11. Made some kill la kill booty as a birthday gift for michelle and I’m really proud of how they came out

  12. More backgrounds from thesis. The bottom picture was painted by my friend deliciouscoughsyrup (go check his stuff out, he’s a cool dude)!

  13. A couple of backgrounds from my thesis film

  14. Well there they are.  Some stills from my thesis film, Just Shy of Reality, that I’ve been dying over this past year.  It’ll be showing at the Dusty’s, so come on down if you’re interested!

  15. Things to do while drinking with friends: draw everyone as half naked kill la kill characters. (Right to left: michelle, jared, and me)